Global Database of Ex-Vessel Fish Prices


The data from this project can be found at the Sea Around us FERU page.

Principal Investigator

Ussif Rashid Sumaila


Eny Buchary
Gakushi Ishimura
Yajie Liu
Dale Marsden
Louise Teh
And supported by many colleagues from around the world

Research Project Description


Wholesale prices of fish and fisheries products are available from a number of sources. Surprisingly, however, very little data is available for ex-vessel prices, the price that a fisher when landing fish. This project aims to fill this void because this is the price that motivates fishers and therefore the most relevant for the analysis of sustainable fisheries.


To compile a database of fish prices for all species from around the world, starting in 1950.


Data are gathered from a wide range of sources:

  • Official government statistics
  • Internet databases
  • Other government publications
  • Published literature

Expected Results

We aim to gather as representative a data set as possible, to cover the geographic, taxonomic and temporal range of fisheries from all over the world. We will then develop a method to estimate prices for those regions, species and years which are missing from our data set.

The resulting data set will be extremely valuable in a wide range of studies that investigate the forces that drive fishing behaviour.

Project Duration

Four years

Funding Source

The Pew Charitable Trusts, through the Sea Around Us Project.

Last updated 29 Apr 2004.