Journal articles

Contributions of FERU members to peer-reviewed publications.

(November 29, 2016)  The authors propose to develop national-level scenarios using a matrix framework following the concept of Shared Socioeconomic Pathways, which would allow a social-ecological examination of Canada’s oceans in terms of the state of future uncertainties. Read the full article in Regional Environmental Change here:  Read More >

(September 8, 2016)  This article compares the law and policy frameworks for protecting marine species at risk in Australia and Canada. The sea of practical challenges is examined, including achieving listing of threatened commercial species; attaining timely and effective recovery planning; and identifying and protecting critical habitats. Read the full article in Ocean Development and International Law here: […]  Read More >

(September 8, 2016)  Climate change is projected to redistribute fisheries resources, resulting in tropical regions suffering decreases in seafood production. While sustainably managing marine ecosystems contributes to building climate resilience, these solutions require transformation of ocean governance. Recent studies and international initiatives suggest that conserving high seas biodiversity and fish stocks will have ecological and economic benefits; however, […]  Read More >

(November 27, 2015)  An estimation of the economic impacts of this oil spill on Metro Vancouver’s marine-related economic activities, including commercial fishing and tourism activities.  Read More >

(November 27, 2015)  A new paper authored by OceanCanada investigator Megan Bailey and team examines the divergence of federal ocean policy and management from marine science over the past decade. In particular, the paper illustrates this widening gap in the following areas: failure to fully implement the Oceans Act, alterations to habitat protections historically afforded under Canada’s Fisheries Act, […]  Read More >

(August 12, 2015)  New thought-provoking piece published in The Conversation examines the possible future scenarios for the Arctic ecosystem. Access the full article here.    Read More >

(July 24, 2015)  New research invoving members of FERU, published in Science, evaluates and compares the risks of impacts of carbon missions under two scenarios involving marine and coastal ecosystems. Contrasting futures for ocean and society from different anthropogenic CO2 emissions scenarios Abstract: The ocean moderates anthropogenic climate change at the cost of profound alterations of its physics, chemistry, […]  Read More >

(July 3, 2015)  FERU research highlighted in Marine Ecology Progress Series.  Sumaila UR, Stergiou KI  INTRODUCTION: Economics of marine conservation MEPS 530:179-182 | Full text in pdf format  Bailey M, Sumaila UR  Destructive fishing and fisheries enforcement in eastern Indonesia MEPS 530:195-211 | Full text in pdf format  Cheung WWL, Sumaila UR  Economic incentives and overfishing: a bioeconomic vulnerability index MEPS 530:223-232 | Full text […]  Read More >

(June 3, 2015)  Abstract: Illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing is a key barrier for fisheries sustainability and an issue challenging fisheries managers worldwide. However, there are some innovative examples of how institutions have developed solutions to this problem. This article describes how the international community, including governments, the fishing industry, and environmental nongovernmental organizations has been able […]  Read More >

(March 6, 2015)  Paper prepared by Dr. Sumaila and team, recently published in Scientific Reports,  sparks debate in international policy circles.  Read More >