Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila Director and Professor

Associated Faculty & Researchers

Dr. Colin Clark Emeritus Professor
Dr. Gordon Munro Emeritus Professor
Dr. Dirk Zeller Senior Research Associate


Dr. Juan José Alava Post-Doctoral Researcher
Louise Teh Research Associate


Dr. Anne Marie Goodfellow OceanCanada Project Coordinator

Current Students

Darah Gibson MSc Student
Sarah Harper PhD Student
Anna Schuhbauer PhD Student
Rebecca Singleton PhD Student
Travis Tai PhD Student
Allison Witter PhD Student

Past Researchers

Dr. Jackie Alder Senior Research Associate
Ngaio Hotte Resource Economist
Dana Miller Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Henrik Österblom Visiting Post Doctoral Student
Dr. Reg Watson Senior Research Scientist

Past Students

Megan Bailey PhD Student; currently teaches in Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University
André Cisneros-Montemayor MSc Student; PhD Student; currently Post-Doctoral Researcher at UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
Andrea Haas MSc Student
Nigel Haggan PhD Student
Roseti Imo PhD Student
Gaku Ishimura PhD Student; currently Assistant Professor at the University of Hokkaido
Heather Keith MSc Student
Ahmed Khan MSc Student
Vicky Lam PhD Student
Yajie Liu PhD Student
Dale Marsden PhD Student
Liesbeth van der Meer MSc Student
Benjamin Starkhouse MSc Student
Wilf Swartz PhD Student
Louise Teh MSc student; PhD Student; currently Research Associate at the UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Past Visitors

Patrizia Abdallah Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil
Berchie Asiedu Visiting PhD Student
Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Visiting Scholar (Bank of Ghana)
Dr. Matt Berman Professor, University of Alaska
Marcos Dominguez-Torreiro Universidade de Vigo, Spain
Jannike Falk-Petersen PhD Student, University of Tromsoe
Dr. Ling Huang Post-Doctoral Researcher; currently Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut
Ruth Pincinato Visiting Student (Universidade de São Paulo)
Anne Reijbroek Visiting Master’s Student (University of Wageningen, Netherlands)
Yutaro Sakai Visiting Doctoral Student (University of Calgary, Canada)
Max Stoeven Visiting PhD Student