Our work examines many aspects of the economics and management of ocean and freshwater resources, including:


Valuation of ocean resources for current and future generations (Sumaila & Walters 2005).

Harmful subsidies

Contribution of fisheries subsidies to overfishing. Globally, fisheries received US$25-29 billion in 2003 (Sumaila et al. 2010).

Food security

Effects of overfishing on world hunger. Nearly 20 million people went hungry in 2000 due to effects of overfishing on catch (Srinivasan et al. 2010).

Employment from fisheries

Globally, fisheries directly employ approximately 260 million people, a figure 1.75 times greater than previous estimates from the UN FAO (Teh & Sumaila 2011).

Marine Protected Areas

Cost components and predictors of the total cost to create MPAs (Sumaila et al. 2007).

Oil spills

Economic impacts of the Deepwater Horizon well blowout on commercial fishing, recreational fishing and aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico. Losses were estimated at $8.7 billion (Sumaila et al. 2012).

Climate change

Potential impacts of climate change on global fisheries (Sumaila et al. 2011).