Current Projects


Solving the Sustainability Challenges at the Food-Climate-Biodiversity Nexus (

CoastMan Africa

Co-developing Decision Support System for Coastal Mangrove-based Socio-ecological Systems in Eastern and Western Africa

An estimation of the economic impacts of this oil spill on Metro Vancouver’s marine-related economic activities, including commercial fishing and tourism activities.  Read More >

A FERU research team released a working paper examining the current status, existing and potential threats, and plausible future scenarios of fisheries in the South China Sea.  Read More >

Fisheries Centre student Lydia Teh and FERU Director Rashid Sumaila have produced a comprehensive estimate of the number of fisheries jobs around the world.  Read More >

Nereus is a cooperation between The Nippon Foundation and The University of British Columbia, that develops scientific capability for predictions of how the future seafood production may be. The program builds on international networking of scientists to communicate and bring about change to how we exploit the oceans in order for our children and grandchildren […]  Read More >

Major Research Questions: 1. How much better could the management of Fraser River sockeye have been, in terms of several different objectives, given what we now know about stock-recruitment dynamics? 2. Given uncertainty about the underlying biology of the system, what are the likely economic implications of different management approaches that might be implemented?  Read More >

Objective: To compile a database of fish prices for all species from around the world, starting in 1950.  Read More >