Other reports

(November 27, 2015)  A FERU research team released a working paper examining the current status, existing and potential threats, and plausible future scenarios of fisheries in the South China Sea.  Read More >

(September 1, 2006)  This report on fisheries subsidies explores a theme that may seem baffling to the uninitiated: all but the fisheries industry seem to think subsidies are bad, yet they survive only because they are subsidized. This report does is differentiate between subsidy types – fuel and non-fuel, subsidies that are considered ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’.  Read More >

(October 1, 2005)  U.S. fish stocks are a valuable natural resource that provides a wealth of environmental and economic benefits. This paper determines the discounted flow of net benefits (net present value or NPV) that can be derived by the commercial and 26 recreational sectors from rebuilding 17 different overfished stocks from around the United States.   Read More >