Tracking Flows of Fisheries Products


Ussif Rashid Sumaila

Dale Marsden



Research Project Description:


There is little information on marketing and trade of fisheries and seafood products in publicly available databases. Such data would allow analysis of the flow of fish and seafood flows from producers to consumers. This information could then be used to identify key leverage points for improving management and conservation of fisheries. The results might also be useful to the seafood industry in identifying marketing opportunities.


  1. To track the flow of fish and seafood products through the global economy; and
  2. To estimate the portion of the total economic benefits received by the various sectors of the fishing industry.


We work with two types of data to track flows of fisheries products through the global economy:

  • Landings, from the Sea Around Us Project database and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Fisheries Production database.
  • Imports and Exports.

Expected Results

We have almost completed a pilot study on the flow of Pacific halibut from 1950 through 2001, which we aim to publish as a Fisheries Centre Research Report and as a peer-reviewed journal article. We have also compiled a database of Canada’s trade in all fisheries products, which we will be analysing in the months to come. The next step will be to extend the study to a global scale.

Project Duration

Two years, with possibility for extension.

Funding Source

The Pew Charitable Trusts, through the Sea Around Us Project.

Last updated 22 Dec 2003