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The U.S. Marine Ecosystem Valuation Project (US MVP)

The primary goal of this project is to provide an estimate of the value of US marine ecosystems. The project will generate scientific information to assist society in evaluating the ecological, economic and social tradeoffs, and consequences under different marine ecosystem policy scenarios.

Namibia’s Fisheries: Ecological, Economic, and Social Aspects

Namibia’s Fisheries: Ecological, Economic, and Social Aspects

Editors: Ussif Rashid Sumaila, David Boyer, Morten D. Skogen, Stein Ivar Steinshamn

Ecological and Economic Impact Assessment of Sablefish Aquaculture in British Columbia

To explore the potential costs and benefits of introducing sablefish farming in BC.

Fisheries Economics and Management Conference

Aug 5-6, 2004: Conference on Fisheries Economics and Management in honour of Professor Gordon R. Munro. Hosted by Professors Trond Bjorndal, Ragnar Arnason, Daniel Gordon, and Rashid Sumaila.

Hake Fisheries in Namibia and South Africa Workshop

May 24-25, 2004: Optimal Harvesting Strategies for Hake Fisheries in Namibia and South Africa:First Stakeholder Workshop hosted by the University of Western Cape

The Cost of Being Apprehended Fishing Illegally

To determine the costs and benefits, both social and monetary from a fishers’ perspective associated with IUU fishing.

World Fisheries Congress

May 2-6, 2004: World Fisheries Congress – Eight FERU members will be presenting work at the Congress. Dr Rashid Sumaila will chair the “Valuation of Fisheries” Session (Q2-5).

Global Database of Ex-Vessel Fish Prices

To compile a database of fish prices for all species from around the world, starting in 1950.