Sumaila, U.R. & Huang, L. (2012) Chapter 10: Improving the Management of Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea. In Abou-Ali, H. (Ed.), Economic Incentives and Environmental Regulation: Evidence from the MENA Region. UK: Edward Elgar Pub. ISBN 978-1781002377.

This unique book explores a wide range of environmental issues centered on the Middle-East and North Africa region, where environmental degradation and impacts of climate change are known to be more critical than in others parts of the world.

Extensive country analyses are supported by references to the economic literature on regulation and incentives, and encompass recent trends in environmental management modes and policy orientations. The topical chapters include a critical review of environmental policies with a focus on economic incentives on various environmental issues including irrigation water, air pollution, solid waste management and the impact of climate change and fisheries. The book combines econometric applications, theoretical models of regulation, and policy-oriented economic analyses with fundamental recommendations for policymakers.

Economic Incentives and Environmental Regulation will attract a wide spectrum of audiences including academics, researchers, practitioners, students, and policymakers.

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