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Miller, D.D. and Sumaila, U.R. (2014) Flag use behavior and IUU activity within the international fishing fleet: Refining definitions and identifying areas of concern. Marine Policy 44: 204-211

Attention has been given in recent years to the topic of international fisheries governance and the drivers of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Issues relating to Flag State responsibility and the use of ‘flags of convenience’ (FoCs) or ‘flags of non-compliance’ (FoNCs) have been prioritized by international organizations seeking solutions to the problems that […]

Miller, D.D., Hotte, N. and Sumaila, U.R. (2014) Mandating responsible flagging practices as a strategy for reducing the risk of coastal oil spills. Marine Pollution Bulletin

As human civilization is becoming more aware of the negative impact our actions can inflict upon the natural world, the intensification of fossil fuel extraction and industrial development is being met with increasing opposition. In Western Canada, proposals that would increase the volume of petroleum transported by pipelines and by tankers through the coastal waters […]

Mariani, S., Ellis, J., O'Reilly, A., Bréchon, A. L., Sacchi, C. and Miller, D.D. (2014) Mass media influence and the regulation of illegal practices in the seafood market. Conservation Letters doi: 10.1111/conl.12085

Following media exposure on the issue of seafood mislabeling in Ireland, results of repeated forensic testing of cod product labeling suggest that media attention played an important role in determining significant improvements in the supermarket retail sector, but had no detectable effect on “take-away” food services. Differences in the chains of production and in compliance […]

Griffiths A.M., Miller, D.D., Egan, A., Fox, J., Greenfield, A. and Mariani, M. (2013) DNA barcoding unveils skate (Chondrichthyes: Rajidae) species diversity in ‘ray’ products sold across Ireland and the UK. PeerJ 1:e129

Skates are widely consumed across the globe, but many large species are subject to considerable concern regarding their conservation and management. Within Europe such issues have recently driven policy changes so that, for the first time, reports of skate landings now have to be made under species-specific names. Total allowable catches have also been established […]