Global Ocean Economics Project Planning Workshop

While planning for the Global Ocean Economics Project began as early as December 2007, the project picked up speed in spring of 2008 when a group of nineteen biologists, economists, and students took part in a three-day planning workshop. The event which was scheduled for April 21-22, 2008 was important in laying the foundation, theoretic and practical, for the future of the project.

A background and intended deliverables was sent to invididuals invited to participate in the planning workshop.  Invitees listed below represent diverse backgrounds from all corners of the globe.

1. Jon Sutinen (University of Rhode Island, USA)
2. Rolf Willmann (FAO, Italy).
3. Glenn-Marie (Columbia University, USA)
4. Patrizia Abdallah (Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil)
5. Kieran Kelleher (World Bank, USA)
6. A.K. Armah (University of Ghana)
7. Scott Farrow (University of Maryland, USA)
8. Margaret Bowman (Lenfest Ocean Program, USA)
9. Ragnar Arnason (University of Iceland)
10. Shekar Bose (University of Tasmania)
11. Gordon Munro (UBC)
12. Daniel Pauly (UBC)
13. Wilf Swartz (UBC)
14. Vicky Lam (UBC)
15. Ben Starkhouse (UBC)
16. William Cheung (UBC)
17. Dirk Zeller (UBC)
18. Brooke Campbell (UBC)
19. Rashid Sumaila (UBC)


Purpose, background and deliverables for the planning Workshop (PDF 23KB)

Planning Workshop Attendees List (PDF 17KB)