(September 25, 2019) The migration of fish due to unmitigated climate change could net fisheries in the Arctic 37 times more fish than current annual catch amounts by the end of the century, a new study from the University of British Columbia has found. But, the researchers warn, any future commercial fisheries must ensure species and ecosystem sustainability and consider the food security implications for local communities. Read More >

(September 10, 2019) Dr. Rashid Sumaila is one of seven UBC faculty members who have been named as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). The fellowship of the RSC comprises over 2000 Canadian scholars, artists, and scientists, peer-elected as the best in their field. These are distinguished men and women from all branches of learning who […] Read More >

(June 14, 2019) Story originally posted at UBC Oceans. The Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries is pleased that today’s Government of Canada announcement of new Canada Research Chairs revealed that Dr. U. Rashid Sumaila has been named as Canada Research Chair in Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries Economics (Tier 1), and Dr. Marie Auger-Méthé has been named Canada […] Read More >

(May 23, 2019) Oceans of Opportunity: The economic case for rebuilding northern cod highlights that a rebuilt northern cod fishery could provide 16 times more jobs and have a net present value worth up to five times more than today. With low fishing pressure and favourable environmental conditions, the fishery could recover in as few as 11 years, supporting economic activities worth $233 million in today’s dollars. Read More >

(April 2, 2019) Congratulations to Dr. Rashid Sumaila, who received the Murray A. Newman Research Award, for highly significant recent work and/or an entire career of important, field-leading contributions in ocean research, at last night’s 24th annual Ocean Awards, held at the Vancouver Aquarium. Read More >

(March 21, 2019) The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has announced that Dr. Nathan Bennett will be the Chair of the People and the Ocean Specialist Group.Dr. Nathan Bennett is a Research Associate in the OceanCanada Partnership at the University of British Columbia (Canada)’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, and with the FishMPABlue2 Project at the Université Côte d’Azur (France). In addition, Dr. Bennett is affiliated with the Center for Ocean Solutions (Stanford), the Community Conservation Research Network, and the Too Big To Ignore Project, and has consulted for various organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy (Mexico), and the UN FAO. Read More >

(March 19, 2019) The T.Buck Suzuki Foundation is opening applications for their annual Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary. They are offering a bursary of $1000, open to students in any fisheries or marine related studies (including undergraduate, graduate, and trade studies). Read More >

(March 18, 2019) Every year, up to 73 million sharks end up in the global fin trade, many of which are endangered species. Shark finning is illegal in Canadian waters, yet Canada is currently the largest importer of shark fins outside of Asia. As an apex predator, sharks are essential to healthy ecosystems. Read More >

(March 18, 2019) Premier John Horgan and Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson have announced a new, joint funding program: the Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund.Our colleagues at TBuck Suzuki Environmental Foundation and Ecotrust Canada have issued a joint statement in response to this exciting and promising step in ensuring that BC fisheries are environmentally and economically sustainable in the long-term. Read More >

(March 14, 2019) Cecilia Engler-Palma of the OceanCanada Law and Policy Working Group Read More >