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Teh LSL, Teh LCL, Sumaila UR (2013) A Global Estimate of the Number of Coral Reef Fishers. PLoS ONE 8(6): e65397. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065397

Overfishing threatens coral reefs worldwide, yet there is no reliable estimate on the number of reef fishers globally. We address this data gap by quantifying the number of reef fishers on a global scale, using two approaches – the first estimates reef fishers as a proportion of the total number of marine fishers in a […]

Teh LCL, Teh LSL, Jumin R (accepted). Combining human preference and biodiversity priorities for marine protected area site selection in Sabah, Malaysia. Biological Conservation

High human reliance on marine resources in developing countries is a challenge for implementing marine protected areas, which usually seek to limit or restrict fishing in selected areas. Fishers’ spatial preferences should be considered during the site selection process, but biodiversity considerations are generally the primary focus. The Protected Area Suitability Index (PASI) is a […]

Teh LSL, Teh LCL, Sumaila UR (in press) Time preference of small-scale fishers in open access and traditionally managed reef fisheries. Marine Policy

Individuals with high discount rates are likely not partial to conservation because they are unwilling to sacrifice short term benefits for potentially higher gains in the future.  Many reef fisheries worldwide are open access, and fishers under open access systems are theorized to discount the future at an infinite rate. In contrast, fishers in a […]

Teh LSL, Teh LCL, Sumaila UR, Cheung W (2013) Time discounting and the overexploitation of coral reefs. Environmental and Resource Economics DOI 10.1007/s10640-013-9674-7

The incentive to overexploit a fishery resource is thought to exist if the resource owner’s discount rate is sufficiently higher than the biological productivity of the targeted fish stock. Coral reef fisheries are extensively overexploited worldwide, but the discount rates of reef fishers are largely unknown, and there is little information about how discount rates […]