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Economics of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Stocks

Major Research Questions:
1. How much better could the management of Fraser River sockeye have been, in terms of several different objectives, given what we now know about stock-recruitment dynamics?
2. Given uncertainty about the underlying biology of the system, what are the likely economic implications of different management approaches that might be implemented?

The Ecological and Socio-Economic Sustainability of the Reef Fisheries of Pulau Bangii, Sabah, Malaysia

1. Characterize and describe the ecological, social, and economic aspects of south Banggi’s artisanal reef fisheries;
2. Assess the sustainability of south Banggi’s reef fisheries;
3. Explore the fishery effects of potential management strategies, and identify a feasible strategy, or strategies, that will contribute to the long-term ecological and socio-economic sustainability of Banggi’s reef fisheries.