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Economic Assessment for B.C. Salmon Aquaculture

The general objective of this research is to examine the profitability of salmon aquaculture operations by highlighting the economic impacts of disease problems on aquaculture producers and wild salmon fisheries. Salmon aquaculture in British Columbia (BC) will be used as a case study, and sea lice will be used as a representative disease. The specific objectives are:

1. To examine the profitability of salmon aquaculture operation under “normal” conditions;
2. To estimate the economic costs of disease to salmon farmers;
3. To examine if disease has economic impacts on wild salmon fisheries; if it does, then examine what the economic impacts will be;
4. To explore the profitability of salmon aquaculture operation when economic impacts of disease are internalized.

Economics of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Stocks

Major Research Questions:
1. How much better could the management of Fraser River sockeye have been, in terms of several different objectives, given what we now know about stock-recruitment dynamics?
2. Given uncertainty about the underlying biology of the system, what are the likely economic implications of different management approaches that might be implemented?