A FERU research team released a working paper examining the current status, existing and potential threats, and plausible future scenarios of fisheries in the South China Sea. Read More >

A new paper authored by OceanCanada investigator Megan Bailey and team examines the divergence of federal ocean policy and management from marine science over the past decade. In particular, the paper illustrates this widening gap in the following areas: failure to fully implement the Oceans Act, alterations to habitat protections historically afforded under Canada’s Fisheries Act, […] Read More >

New thought-provoking piece published in The Conversation examines the possible future scenarios for the Arctic ecosystem. Access the full article here.   Read More >

Earlier this week, FERU Director, Dr. Rashid Sumaila, spoke with CBC’s Early Edition about the impact of warming oceans on British Columbia’s fish and fisheries. Read More >

Out of Stock: The Impact of Climate Change on British Columbia’s Staple Seafood Supply and Prices Highlights •  Ocean physics and chemistry is being affected significantly by carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, impacting key marine and coastal organisms, ecosystems and the services they provide us, including seafood. •  These impacts will occur across all latitudes, including in […] Read More >

Dr. Sumaila recently participated in an NPR interview. He spoke to some of the challenges facing the ecotourism industry. As whales migrate from cold to warm waters, breeding and feeding hot spots around the world experience booms and busts. The ecotourism industry needs to take efforts to promote conservation and preservation if the industry is […] Read More >

The CBC talks to Dr. Rashid Sumaila about the threat that acidification is posing for the future of the Beaufort Sea. Fish populations are at risk, with serious social, cultural, and economic consequences for indigenous communities in Canada’s Arctic region. You can read the full article here:   Read More >

Jamie Baker of The Fisheries Broadcast, CBC Radio One in Newfoundland and Labrador, interviews Dr. U. Rashid Sumaila about his recent publication in Scientific Reports. You can listen to an audio clip of their conversation by clicking on the link provided. Read More >

It’s a case of too many boats, too few fish in our high seas. And if you live in one of the 10 countries fishing there, you’re probably unwittingly contributing to the problem. “The world’s fleet is currently 2.5 times larger than is necessary to sustainably catch global fish stocks”, says the Global Ocean Commission […] Read More >

The Global Ocean Commission gives world leaders a five-year window for intervention before overfishing and climate change negatively impact the world’s food supply, clean air, and climate stability. Watch the interview with Dr. Sumaila at Read More >