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Times Colonist: Comment: Pipelines could cost us far more than they return

At first glance, the National Energy Board’s thoroughness of the review the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project might seem comforting, but with conditional approval of the project, British Columbians have serious reason to be concerned — particularly as Kinder Morgan has now also submitted its application to expand the capacity of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. […]

The Globe and Mail: Failure to add value to resource wealth chains Canada to its colonial past

Canada, a country founded on its natural resources, possesses more natural wealth, per capita, than any other any other nation in the world. Our natural resources sustained our First Nations and catalyzed settlement, from east to west. While Canada has changed considerably since its early days, natural resources still drive our economy. Yet, some suggest […]

Vancouver Sun: The commercial seal hunt is showing signs that the end is near

The World Trade Organization ruled last week to uphold the European Union’s import ban on seal products on the grounds that it addresses moral concerns regarding seal welfare. While the Canadian government has vowed to appeal the ruling, it is clear that the seal hunt is already long dead. Having already spent an estimated $10 […]

The New York Times: Facing Vote on European Subsidies, Fishermen Cling to Way of Life

In a world of giant trawlers and fish-farming operations, Gwenaël Pennarun still sets out most days from this Breton village to catch sea bass the old-fashioned way, with baited hooks. It is a way of life, and work, that he hopes the European Union will continue to support, depending on a coming vote on its […]

Nature News: Europe debates fisheries funding

As Nature went to press, the European Parliament was voting on how billions of euros in subsidies should be allocated to the fishing industry. In past years, the main focus has been on ‘capacity building’ — the strengthening and support of fishing fleets. But now, after years of worries about overfishing and damage to the […]

FERU members present subsidies research to the European Parliament

FERU members present subsidies research to the European Parliament

Dr. Rashid Sumaila will present recent work on global fisheries subsidies, completed jointly by members of FERU and the Sea Around Us Project, to the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels on October 17, 2013. Click here to view a draft agenda of the meeting. You can watch the presentation here at 4:30 […]

Snapshot: The economic value of Canadian fisheries

Snapshot: The economic value of Canadian fisheries

Data from Statistics Canada’s 2011 Census and National Household Survey provide detailed insight into the value of Canadian fisheries.

Dr. Sumaila provides expert advice to the Global Ocean Commission

The Global Ocean Commission held its second formal meeting in Glen Cove, New York, on 5th-6th July. The central aims of the meeting were to brief Commissioners on issues not covered in the first meeting (held in Cape Town in March), discuss the policy development pathway and agree areas for public engagement. To meet the […]

Dr. Sumaila meets with Prince Charles at St. James Palace in March 2011. (Photo courtesy of R. Sumaila)

Dr. Rashid Sumaila meets with Prince Charles

Dr. Rashid Sumaila and Prince Charles discuss how to sustain the world’s fisheries on July 10, 2014 at the St James Palace, London.

Teh LSL, Teh LCL, Sumaila UR (2013) A Global Estimate of the Number of Coral Reef Fishers. PLoS ONE 8(6): e65397. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065397

Overfishing threatens coral reefs worldwide, yet there is no reliable estimate on the number of reef fishers globally. We address this data gap by quantifying the number of reef fishers on a global scale, using two approaches – the first estimates reef fishers as a proportion of the total number of marine fishers in a […]