Lam, V.W.Y., Sumaila, U.R., Dyck, A., Pauly, D. and Watson, R. (2011). Construction and first applications of a global cost of fishing database. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68(9), 1996-2004.

Abstract: The development of a new global database of fishing cost is described, and an overview of fishing cost patterns at national, regional, and global scales is provided. This fishing cost database provides economic information required for assessing the economics of fisheries at various scales. It covers variable and fixed costs of maritime countries, representing similar to 98% of global landings in 2005. Linked to country and gear-type combinations, cost estimates can be mapped to a database of spatially allocated fisheries catches for future analysis in both spatial and temporal dimensions. The global average variable cost per tonne of catch in 2005 is estimated to range between US$639 and $1217, and the total cost per tonne from $763 to $1477, with mean values of $928 and $1120, respectively. The total global variable fishing cost is estimated to be in the range US$50-96 billion per year, with a mean of $73 billion per annum in 2005 dollar equivalents.