(February 9, 2009) February 9, 2009: A report recently released by the WorldFish Center suggests that Africa’s fisheries may have a difficult time coping with climate change.  A news story presented by E & E Publishing quotes Dr. Rashid Sumaila of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit saying: “Recently, there has been a big spike of interest in climate […] Read More >

(December 29, 2008) December 29, 2008: Alternative media outlet The Tyee has published a list of new ideas for the new year with the Fisheries Economics Research Unit’s Dr. Rashid Sumaila as the focus of New Idea # 6. Dr. Sumaila considers what can be done to improve the lives of fishermen and improve the state of the […] Read More >

(December 12, 2008) December 12, 2008:  Dr. Sumaila is quoted in an Associated Press Article on Tuna Catches “The general consensus among scientists is that the stocks of bigeye and yellowfin in the Western and Central Pacific are doing relatively better than those of the Mediterranean bluefin tuna, for example,” Rashid Sumaila, the acting director of the Fisheries […] Read More >

(December 10, 2008) December 10, 2008: Fisheries Economics Research Unit Director, Dr. Rashid Sumaila contributes to an article for Conservation Magazine titled 10 Solutions to Save the Ocean. Dr. Sumaila discuses the issue of subsidies to high seas bottom trawlers saying: Marine ecosystems pay a hefty price for getting orange roughy, Greenland halibut, and deepwater shark to our […] Read More >

(August 14, 2008) August 14, 2008: Dr. Sumaila appears in the Georgia Straight story ‘Waves of Disaster’ Read More >

(July 16, 2008) July 16, 2008: Dr. Sumaila appears in the 24 Hours News Services story titled ‘Full Price Fuel’ Read More >

(July 15, 2008) July 15, 2008: Dr. Sumaila says that “fuel subsidies are better spent re-training fishers” in a UBC Media Brief. Read More >

(October 29, 2007) Sumaila, U.R., D. Marsden,R. Watson and D. Pauly (2007). Global Ex-Vessel Fish Price Database: Construction, Spatial and Temporal Applications. Journal of Bioeconomics 9 39-51. Read More >

(March 13, 2006) Objectives: This research will develop and apply methods for estimating the cost to the North Pacific groundfish fisheries of current SSL critical habitat closures by major fishery and gear group with detailed temporal and spatial scales relevant to management decisions. Read More >

(February 13, 2006) Objectives: 1. To develop a Selective Breeding Program for the Bamfield Huu-Ay-Aht Community Abalone Project (BHCAP) including a multi-trait selection index; 2. To determine which traits are economically important and their relative importance so that they 3. can be weighed appropriately in the Selection Index; To measure these traits on individually-tagged hatchery-bred animals; Read More >