Taking Stock and Projecting the Future of South China Sea Fisheries

A FERU research team released a working paper examining the current status, existing and potential threats, and plausible future scenarios of fisheries in the South China Sea. Fisheries resources are crucial for supporting coastal livelihoods, food security, and export trade in the South China Sea, yet they are highly threatened by pollution, coastal habitat modification, and excessive and destructive fishing practices.

The paper can be accessed on the OceanCanada website.

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  1. Sebastian Murdoch-Gibson

    I would like to access this report but the link to OceanCanada leads to a 404 “page not found” message. any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Saeed Saleh

    I belong to a recently established research and an academic institution (Solidarity Institute for Peace And Development -SIPAD) and we are planning to start a Fisheries research project along the western India Ocean and the Gulf of Aden. We are hereby inviting you to cooperate with us in this project in a partnership.

    Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your early favorable response,

    With best regards,

    Saeed Saleh

    Projects Coordinator

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