Estimating the Cost to Fisheries of Marine Mammal Critical Habitat Designations in the Eastern North Pacific



FERU, UBC Fisheries Centre
Ussif Rashid Sumaila (Co-applicant)
Gakushi Ishimura

University of Alaska Anchorage
Matthew D. Berman (Principal Investigator)

Marine Mammal Research Unit, UBC Fisheries Centre
Andrew Trites (Co-applicant)
Edward Gregr


Research Project Description



Marine habitat closures for fisheries are widely used for protecting or rebuilding marine bio-resources as well as endangered species. Decisions about such closures require spatial information of the potential value of fisheries. This study develops a method and estimates the spatial and temporal distribution of the economic value of groundfish fisheries in U.S. Alaskan waters to quantify the cost of Steller Sea Lion (SSL) critical habitat closures.


This research will develop and apply methods for estimating the cost to the North Pacific groundfish fisheries of current SSL critical habitat closures by major fishery and gear group with detailed temporal and spatial scales relevant to management decisions.


The method extends econometric models of discrete spatial choice (random utility models) in fisheries to incorporate detailed and flexible geographic scales by economic variables of fisheries and marine environmental variables.

Funding Sources

North Pacific Fisheries Council
North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium

Last Updated: March 2006.